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A parole attorney is not a criminal defense attorney.  Criminal defense attorneys focus on defending against accusations of wrongdoing in the criminal justice process prior to a conviction. Lawyers often promise to fight for you, to help you avoid a conviction or prison, or to get you a shorter sentence. However, very few lawyers, and very few people in general, are focused on helping you once you have been put in prison. This gross oversight is a major part of the reason why recidivism — the phenomenon of released prisoners quickly being arrested and re-incarcerated — occurs at such a high rate in Texas and throughout the U.S.

Texas prisons release people into a world that does not trust them, often will not allow them to get a decent job, or even a decent place to live.  Yet, at the same time, society expects these people to succeed and stay out of trouble in the future. In fact, released prisoners can succeed, and many do, but they need the proper support, the right kind of help and understanding. Our team at the Law Office of Kevin Stouwie is single-mindedly focused on Texas parole laws. We support inmates and their families as they strive toward winning parole release and successful reintegration into society.

We are a Texas law firm focused on parole issues

At the Law Office of Kevin Stouwie, we do not practice criminal defense. We provide services that help Texas prisoners win early release from incarceration and counsel their families to ensure that they provide the needed support to re-enter society and begin building a new life. We believe in the future, not on the mistakes of the past.  The past is an extremely valuable teacher, and must never be forgotten, but the future is where hopes and dreams reside.  Quite simply, we believe all of us have a lot of good inside, and all of us can do great things, if only given the chance to prove it.

How Texas parole lawyers can help

We built our unique Texas law practice around providing services to prisoners and their families relating to several important aspects of the parole process:

  • Texas probation laws — Some people are fortunate enough to avoid prison even after conviction by receiving probation. Understanding Texas probation laws and what happens when people unsuccessful while on probation is essential to staying out of jail and prison in the future, and moving on with your life.
  • Parole review — Texas law establishes rules and guidelines as to when a prisoner is eligible for parole review and what criteria he or she must meet in order to be released.  However, it is a discretionary decision, which is why every little detail can matter, and why advocacy is so valuable.
  • Winning parole release — Receiving early release on parole is never a guarantee. Winning parole release often requires not only an effective presentation to the parole panel members, but also a history of prison conduct to back it up.  Victim input can also play an enormous role, usually in a negative way.
  • Texas prisons — Understanding the programs and opportunities for self-improvement available to inmates Texas prisons is a crucial first step to eventually being released on parole.
  • Reintegration strategies — Thorough and realistic reintegration strategies are not only of interest to the parole board, they are also necessary for inmates who hope to remain free once they receive parole.
  • Information for families — Families play a key role in the parole process and provide much needed support for loved ones who have become involved in the Texas criminal justice system. We provide information for families to empower them to fill their support role more effectively, as well as to address their own issues that arise when a loved one is incarcerated.
  • Information for prisoners —Inmates in many Texas jails and prisons have limited access to outside information. We provide information for prisoners to help them start taking control of their futures as early into their sentences as possible.

Contact a law firm focused on supporting ex-convicts in Texas

The Law Office of Kevin Stouwie stands out among other Texas law firms because of our dedication and focus on parole advocacy and all related issues. While other law offices may provide limited assistance to existing clients regarding parole issues, these issues are the entirety of our practice. Call us today at 855.727.6533 (855 PAROLED) or contact us online to find out how we can help you or your loved one. We offer free initial in-office consultations for family members and probationers and conduct in-custody consultations with inmates for a nominal fee.

- See more at: http://www.parolefreedom.com/#sthash.enQtCiq0.dpuf

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