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What Texas Probation Laws Mean to You

Understanding your obligations during a supervised sentence

If you have been convicted of a crime in Texas and received probation instead of a prison sentence, consider yourself fortunate. However, if you consider probation to be “getting off easy,” you are making a big mistake. Probation in Texas is a big commitment and failing to tread carefully can ultimately mean ending up in jail after all, sometimes with a lengthier sentence than you would have received simply going to jail in the first place. Therefore, if you are on probation and are uncertain about your obligations and limitations, you can help yourself by consulting an experienced attorney. As an ancillary part of our practice at the Law Office of Kevin Stouwie, we counsel clients regarding their rights and obligations under Texas probation law. We can also help those accused of probation violations secure effective and reliable legal counsel.

Understand Texas probation laws in order to avoid problems

If you or a loved one has recently been placed on probation — called community supervision in Texas — after an adjudication or deferred adjudication in criminal court, our team at the Law Office of Kevin Stouwie can help you understand what probation means to you and the steps you can take to stay out of trouble:

  • Probation violations — Texas judges have broad powers to impose probation conditions they think are appropriate to protect the community and rehabilitate the defendant. As a result, understanding the specific conditions the court has placed upon you is your first step to avoiding probation violations in the future.


  • Revocation and other consequences — The consequences of a probation violation can vary based on the situation but can include the modification or extension of probation as well as the revocation of probation and the incarceration of the defendant.
  • Juvenile probation — The juvenile justice system focuses much more on rehabilitation than does its adult counterpart. Nevertheless, juvenile probation is a serious matter and violation of a child’s probation conditions can have major consequences.
  • Types of probation — Probation is a flexible system. Different types of probation exist for different types of crimes and defendants. The type of probation you have been granted can greatly affect the conditions to which you must adhere as well as the consequences for violating them.

Contact a caring and dedicated attorney for questions about probation

If a Texas court has placed you or a loved one on probation, too much is at stake to resort to guesswork regarding your obligations and conditions. Our team at the Law Office of Kevin Stouwie can help you understand what you need to do to stay out of trouble during your period of probation and can put you into contact with a reliable criminal defense attorney if you are called into court for a violation. Call our office today at 855.727.6533 or contact us online to schedule a free in-office consultation to discuss your situation.

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